Saturday, June 5, 2010

10-year old Adventure/Party

To celebrate Strider's big 10th birthday (so weird to say that!) he had 10 friends over a couple days early for an ADVENTURE party. They cooked their own dinner (hot dogs over the fire, supplemented by trail mix and carrots... easiest meal ever), made some headbands, and played some back yard games. The big event for the evening was a neighborhood-wide bike treasure hunt. Here are some pics:
(Chris, it really would be easier to decorate your headband when it's not on your head!)
Getting ready to cook the hot dogs:
Off they went on the bike treasure hunt. I had hidden a bunch of clues ahead of time, and they had to follow each one in succession to find the treasure. All together, I think they ended up having to ride about 3-4 miles.

Looking for a clue... Another clue destination...

When they came back, hot, thirsty and tired, we got ready to serve cake.

It turns out THIS is what happens when you put M&M's on a cake, then put it in the freezer for a little while, then bring it out of the freezer to thaw... Oh well... we were just going for big and colorful, so I guess it still worked. The kids liked it!
Strider got some unasked for help blowing out the candles.
And then later it was time for more nighttime games, and fire-tending...
A very fun, and long, night! Strider is very blessed to have such good friends in his life.


  1. What fun!. You are such a creative Mom!! Happy birthday, Strider!

  2. What a TOTALLY cool party!! Leave it to you, Amy!! How DO you think of these things????!!