Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another chapter in Life With Boys

This morning the very first question I was asked was,

"Can I freeze my urine?"

And as the day has gone on, I've heard some things I may not have expected to, such as...

"I can't believe Miles already knows how to break out of JAIL!" (Nice game they were playing)


"My feet got muddy." (The answer to the question, "Why is your hair all wet?" which I asked Strider when he came inside. The follow-up had some explanation about why he had to shoot the hose "way up like a fountain...")


"Alright, I'll untie my brother." (Another nice game they were playing)


"Yes! You have a breast!" (Colsen's answer to the question I asked, "Do you think people will be able to tell us apart since we're both wearing green shirts?")


"No, his shirt is dirty and your shirt is clean!" (Rayna's contribution to the above conversation)

Speaking of the non-boy Rayna, here is one of her (non-violent) antics from today... She announced, "I'm Mr. Nosey-Nosey!"
Mr. Nosey-Nosey had some fancy feet as well...

My favorite comment, though, came this evening, when a crying boy came downstairs saying,

"I just need someone to give me a hug while they're holding me."

I was more than happy to stop everything and oblige. I do love my boys... and my girl.

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  1. At lease he referred to it as urine. I'm impressed.