Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This Memorial Day, the soldier in our family was home with his family in Virginia... after recently welcoming his first son into the world.

I can't wait to meet my new little nephew Sammy!
Meanwhile, the rest of the Wray clan was invited to "FOAMDPD" which stood for "First and Only Annual Memorial Day Party at the Deuces'" And considering the fact that it rained so we all were running around inside their house, instead of outside as planned, the Deuces may very well be glad for that "O" part!

Actually, despite the rain it was a lot of fun (at least for those of us not hosting and having our floors trashed). We had plenty of hang out time, some excellent food, and even some good adult conversation and prayer time. And, as usual, I took plenty of pictures!

This one is my favorite -- Poppa and some boys:
Boys in plaid shorts: More boys, enjoying some good dining:
More good food (Dan's special shrimp):
Addie in her sweet patriotic outift: She wasn't the only one in red-white-and-blue!
Adults talking: More adults doing more talking (oh, and Titus):
Mom telling us some things she's been learning lately in this new chapter of her journey: And, then, to cap off the fun evening, they pulled out the major highlight for all the kids: a tractor!
First it took some extra hands to get things situated...

...but then the kids took it from there. The most common question was... (Can you guess it from Colsen's face?)... Is it my turn yet?? And they all got plenty of turns.
Every 20 seconds or so, they would all pile out and rotate spots, squealing and giggling the whole time. Very fun to watch.

And, even though I left the headlights on in our van when we arrived, so the battery had died by the end of the evening, our night was not marred. If you ever need to have a dead battery, or any other calamity involving any kind of cable, tool, or accessory, the driveway at the Deuce's is the place to be. Or, surrounded by family. So we were doubly blessed!

I went to bed last night very grateful for my family.


  1. Great post, amy! I went to bed VERY grateful for my family as well! what a fun day it was!!

  2. your new nephew is adorable! and it looks like you had a wonderful FOAMDPD day despite the rain : ).