Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend triathlon

Strider has been having quite the weekend. After last night's big BIKE race and party until almost 10 pm, he got up a little after 7 this morning for his first SWIM meet. It was a long, hot, sweaty ordeal (3.5 hours -- what have we gotten ourselves into here??), and he got to try out all 4 of the strokes in various races. Then he came home for a quick transition, and then it was time head out to RUN some bases at his baseball game...

Ever the dramatic one... This was his last baseball game of the season, and what a game it was! Many of our friends were there to cheer his team on, which made it extra fun. Wendy, Sarah, Leyila and Ryan all sat through the very hot game, and the Fernandez's, Coles, and Cooks were there cheering on the team, too!
He had some very beautiful fans!
Thankfully this didn't put too much extra pressure on him...
In the very last inning, Strider's team was down by 2 runs... then Strider was at bat, got a good hit, ended up scoring a run... followed by 2 more by his teammates, and they won! So they officially ended up with a winning season (5-4) Great finale!
I think Strider will sleep well tonight! I know I will.

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