Sunday, June 20, 2010

The dad who looks good even in a hair net

We had fun celebrating the great daddy in our house today! As I told him again today, I was pretty sure that I would be getting a good husband when I married him, but the fact that he is also a terrific father has been a wonderful bonus. I love watching our kids with him -- always eager to climb on him, play with him, get his attention. He is a very patient man. :)

Pete asked for curried chicken salad for lunch today, so we had that with coleslaw (Colsen's all-time favorite food), and then for dinner we had sauteed garden veggies and herbs, salmon and smashed potatoes. Between meals, we had some backyard pool time, some World Cup-watching time, and some Lincoln Logs playing time.

And some gifts...
This book may have been more appreciated by Strider than even by Pete. It's called "Handy Dad" and it has a bunch of projects in it he can do with the kids. For example...

I hope it gets a lot of use!

Oh, and we had dessert, too...
(I'm not sure why I'm writing so much detail about the food today!)

But back to the hair net... Pete, Strider and a friend all went on Friday to participate in the Million Meals Mission going on in Charlotte right now. (This is the same organization the Bain's have been working with in Minnesota for years) Over the next few weeks, the local group here is trying to assemble one million meals for people in Haiti. During Strider and Pete's shift, the 100+ volunteers managed to get together 38,000 meals (while wearing hair nets), which was the most done in that amount of time by a group at this mobile station. :)

They both came back very charged up and wanting to go again to do more soon... If anyone wants to join them, let us know.

We all are thankful for a father who loves to help and serve others!


  1. I'd love to send Sam with Strider if Pete wants to take another boy along next time!!!

  2. this is very cool. I bet the shoes we are collecting will go to Haiti too. Good stuff to the glory of God. thanks for sharing.