Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Small world story

Lately we've been in touch with a few ex-pats in Moldova, hoping to gain some insight into what may be in store for us in a few months.  I've corresponded with two women, one from England and one from Germany, who have been very helpful and kind.  But we also wanted to try to find some Americans, and ideally, some Christians who could recommend a good church or ministry which we could connect with.

Well, through the wonder of Facebook, my friend who is in Kenya told me she knew a missionary, Leila, who used to live in Chisinau (the city we're going to) and is now in Mozambique.  Leila then put me in touch with a woman who is currently a missionary in Chisinau (along with her family), and I started emailing with her this week.  As it turns out, this woman, Robin, is actually from NC, and she and her husband attended a church right near here (Calvary) for 10 years before they went to Moldova!

So -- to recap -- my friend in Nairobi connected me to her friend in Mozambique, who connected me to her friend in Chisinau.... who used to live in Charlotte!  How cool is that?

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