Sunday, March 10, 2013

At Children's Church today...

I got a kick out of watching Pete try to teach the young kids (ages 4-6) in children's church today.  Here's how the lesson started out:       (One or more of these boys may be related to us)

Pete:  Does anyone know what a “covenant” is?

Boy # 1: Yes!  It means your blood.

Pete:  Well, no, not really.

Boy # 2:  I know!  It’s a restaurant.

Pete:  No, it’s not that either.  Actually, it means a promise.

Boy # 2:  No, that’s what I meant!  I was saying it’s a promise to go to a restaurant.

Boy # 3:  And I promise to go to the grocery store!

Other kids start chiming in about where they want to go…. and Pete slowly realizes he may never actually gain control of the class….     


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