Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter week

Last year in Moldova it felt like Easter stretched on for a long time, since there were two different official Easter Sundays, and another egg hunt on a third weekend.  This year we're only doing all the Easter stuff once, but we're making the most out of the week!

The homeschool group we belong to had an egg hunt in our neighborhood a couple days ago, so that was a fun event to go to, even though it was chilly.  After a picnic lunch, the kids set out to find their treasures.  I loved that even the older kids (up through age 15) wanted to participate!  The fact that there were "golden tickets" to be found was likely the motivating factor.

Fun time!
 We've also done our traditional dyeing of eggs at home.... but I tried an untraditional method this time.  I had read that you can use shaving cream and food dye to make marble-y eggs.

 Let's just say, that is mostly true.....  But I will never do it again.  It's way too messy!

 ..... especially when the youngest is just out to "shave."

So some of our traditions have been done, but we are looking forward to a few more tonight and tomorrow as the Boyer's join us....  Tomorrow we celebrate the Resurrection that gave us all Hope and Life!

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