Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Today's adventure

This was the scene in my kitchen this morning.... Never has the microwave been so captivating!

Aunt Katie has been coming to do "preschool" here every couple of weeks this year, bringing Titus and Hannah to round out the student body.  She always has some fun activities planned and today was no exception!

Here's why the microwave was so exciting.  First they cut up an Ivory bar of soap into quarters and put them on plates.
 Then she put the plates in the microwave.... and within seconds, this is what started happening.

The soap was transformed from this to this:

 Then they took it all outside to play with the new texture.
 Miles decided it was like shaving cream so he could be like Daddy:

 Titus got really into it!
 Even the bigger kids joined in the fun.

 It started to look like it was snowing....
 .... so Colsen insisted on getting out some "ski's" to go through it.

'Thanks, Aunt Katie!  Once again, "preschool" is a highlight of the week!

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