Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring break

4 Frank men, minus half of a head
Our spring break has begun with a visit from Bud and Jane as they travel back from Florida to Ohio, and a guys' trip to the mountains to do some skiing.  This was Colsen's first time, and he looooved it!

 This video cracks me up:

Strider also had a terrific time.  It turned out that one of his friends was there with his family, too, so the two boys were able to go off and and do all the "black diamonds" together.

In the long lift rides they had interesting talks-- including a discussion about the book, "Unbroken" which they've both recently read!

So it sounds like it was a fun day all the way around.

Meanwhile, back on the flat land, Jane, Rayna, Miles and I entertained ourselves by running some errands;  the highlights were getting to ride the escalator at the mall (especially for Miles), and introducing Jane to her first Chick Fil-A meal.

The kids enjoyed getting to play with their grandparents this weekend!

 Spring break is off to a good start.  Tonight we're having a couple of Wingate international students over, and we're getting together with several different friends over the next few days.... Gotta pack in all of the stuff we don't normally have time for!

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