Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Boys in dresses

I have to keep the boys-wearing-dresses picture recorded here for future embarrassment purposes, of course.  The other night, after I thought everyone was in bed, Rayna, Colsen and Miles suddenly materialized like this:

They announced they were the "dress club," and the boys liked the dresses because it felt like they had wings and could fly.

Pete was out of town and could not control this mayhem.

I could find this alarming, but have to remind myself that they are not the first ones in the extended family to do such a thing.  Over the weekend I dug out this treasure:
The future Marine

I know there is another old photograph somewhere deep in Mom's archives that has both of my brothers dressed up in dresses as well.  They turned out fine, mostly.... although I can't say I'll be happy if my boys end up carrying this propensity into adulthood as one of their uncles did:

I'm assuming this is not all just my genetic material in the boys.... Pete may have dressed up like this as a boy, but since there are only about 7 photos of him from his youth (he was a 4th-born after all), and they are all sports pictures of him wearing uniforms, I guess we'll never know.

I guess the argument could be made that Jesus wore dresses -- I wonder if He felt like it gave him wings so he could fly, too? -- so I guess my boys are in good company.

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