Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cousins Camp, 2013: Session 1A

This year's Cousins Camps squeezed right in under the wire just as summer was winding down, and as in all years past, they were one of THE highlights of the summer.

For Session 1, all 4 of the "big" cousins came for the first night, and then the biggest cousins (Strider and Ellie, not in that order) stayed for a second night.

So for the first part, I will interview Rayna to get an idea of their adventures...

OK, Rayna, tell me about Cousins Camp this year.  What did you do?
Well, let me think.  We went to Kabuto, which was good.  I fell off the swing and hit my head, which was not good.  I went to the playground -- we went to find some clues for a Treasure Hunt.  In the box there was some candy!

What did you do on the second day?
We played miniature golf, and then we went to get ice cream.  We also got wet in the fountain!

Did you like that?
Yeah, I did!

What kinds of things did you guys talk about?
We talked about we love the playground and stuff like that.

Did you guys make anything this year?
We made Family Wingers.

You mean Wingdingers?
Wingdingers - yes!  We also made t-shirts!

So was it a good Cousins Camp this year?

Do you want to say anything to Nonna and Poppa?
Thank you, Nonna and Poppa for taking me to Cousins Camp.  And -- I just want to say, "Love, Rayna," ok?   We had a reeeeeaaaalllly fun time!

Strider is trying to look all cool and not impressed.... But that didn't last long...

The treasure hunt was way cool!

Honorary Cousins Camp attendee -- Gracie

Special activity:  Making second-generation Wingdingers!

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