Thursday, September 12, 2013

Words we're living with

After a few too many episodes of whining one day (by both the kids and me), I whipped out some paper and constructed this banner to hang near our kitchen:

(sorry the photo is so dark)

We're all still struggling with this concept -- but we're trying to keep in mind the fact that it's ok to be thirsty for a few minutes and it's ok to eat something we don't totally love and it's ok to be tired and still finish a chore and it's ok to have a skinned knee.

 And it's ok to be extremely frustrated...

The other day, as I was trying to teach one of the kids the same exact math concept for the 4 millionth time and the child was still not getting it, I found my blood pressure rising and my head getting ready to explode - -in the form of loud words spewing from my mouth.

Then I remembered some words from the wise philosopher Jillian Michaels which I had just heard that morning on her "30 Day Shred" video (adapted slightly):  When it gets uncomfortable, those are the ones that really count.  That is when the change in your body (or mind) is taking place.

So as I was at the end of my mental rope with this math exercise with my child, I stopped to think about how it was ok for me to be uncomfortable... it was ok for me to resist the temptation to scream.  It was at that point that my character was being molded.  The first 3,999,999 times I had to patiently explain the lesson weren't shaping me as much as this last, 4 millionth painful (uncomfortable) time.

So the banner has been helpful to me in surprising ways.... but it's also been a nice thing to point to when I hear, "But Mom, his foot is in my spot" when we're reading together, or "I'm hungry right NOW" or "My finger hurts."  It's becoming my Mama Mantra.

Lest I sound too cold-hearted, though, I will post the picture of a second banner that is also up in the house, over our stairs:

This one also has been a good reminder to me.... It reminds me to love the little buggers -- even when they do stuff like this:

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