Monday, September 9, 2013

When Melanie comes to visit, everyone plays (and dances)

Life-long friend and beautiful dancer Melanie came for a visit this weekend -- and I put her right to work!  Less than hour after she arrived at my house, we had 8 kids here for a "movement class" - -and it was a big hit. 

 They learned about different ways they could PUSH and PULL, and then were able to string the different poses together into a little performance with a partner.

Then the minute this was over, we shuttled over to Rayna's new Praise Dance class, where Melanie was the Guest Teacher.  There were 12 cute girls in that class.... but I didn't bring my camera.  Needless to say, it was a fun day all the way around!

Then our other life-long friend Jen joined us for more weekend fun!
We're all a little sweaty after playing soccer with the kids

On Saturday we went to the Greek Festival and enjoyed the various cultural elements.... 

....And once again Mel had everyone dancing!

I'm so thankful for these friendships that have lasted over the decades and over the miles!  We talked and laughed and talked some more.... and it still wasn't enough.


  1. Beautiful ladies - I love that last picture of you three! Glad you had a great time together!

    1. Wish you could have joined us, Steph!!