Monday, December 30, 2013

Colsen's career aspirations

We had this conversation out of the blue the other day...

Colsen:  Do you think I should be a mechanical engineer?
Me:  Sure, honey, that sounds good.  We know a lot of mechanical engineers…  Poppa,--
C:  Wait – POPPA is a mechanical engineer???  I have to talk to him!!
Me:  Ok –
C:  I know Strider would love to talk to him, too.  I think he’d loooove mechanical engineering.
Me: Hmmm… Why do you think that?
C:  Because you get to play with fire all the time!
Me:  Ummm…. No, not really.
C:  Yes!  Because mechanical engineers make cars and to make cars you have to use fire to weld the pieces together!
Me:  Well, there are different jobs for making cars.  I think you’re thinking of a welder.
C:  Yes.  I want to be a welder.  Can I do 2 things?  And I think I want to be an accountant, too.  And are there any jobs that you do a lot of sorting?  Cuz I am made for a job with sorting.  I’m good at sorting things – like laundry and stuff, you know.
Me:  Well, yes, you can –
C:  But I don’t know.  Mechanical engineering just keeps coming to mind when I think about what job I should do when I grow up.  I think I’ll just be that.


  1. Great choice! (Spoken like a true GCC Mech. Engr. graduate.)

    1. Haha Jon. Mech-E's are great people!

  2. I'm not as timely as Jon, I was busy playing with fire... Coming to you from the auto industry, I'm happy to tell Colson that he is right, the engineers do most of the playing with fire (or electricity, anyway), because they design and build the ROBOTS (awesome!) that actually do almost all of the welding! Somehow I went from mechanical engineering to network engineering, so I don't really get to play with fire or robots. But with an engineering degree, the possibilities are endless. You go, Colson!

    1. This made me chuckle, Dave! I'll pass along the good news to Colsen. :)

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