Monday, December 23, 2013

More memories to record

Some miscellaneous photos, events and conversations from the last week or two...

Getting ready to go out on Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt/Race
Watching a movie with cousins
Enjoying cousin time

.... and sister time:

Conversation with Colsen while we were Christmas shopping:

Me:  How much money do you have?
Colsen:  $40
Me:  How much are you going to spend on Christmas gifts?
C:  Probably $15.
Me:  Are you saving the rest of your money for something?
C:  Yeah… When I grow up I want to have 25 kids, so I’m saving my money to buy a big house.
Me:  Aw, I love –
C (interrupting):  AND an electric scooter.  I really want an electric scooter.

Conversation with Strider:

Strider:  I can't believe I lost $5 out of my pocket!
Me:  "A fool and his money are soon parted."
Strider:  Nice job watching Downton Abbey, Mom!

Miles and the balloon:

While we were shopping at the dollar store, Miles found that he had one dollar left over to spend -- and then he spotted the helium balloons.  He was fascinated and decided he really must have one.  (I don't think we've ever gotten the poor guy one like that before!)

So he quickly retrieved his last dollar and gave it to the lady, had me tie the string around his wrist, and out we went.  All the way home he was so thrilled about it, asking me all kinds of questions about how the helium works, what would make it leak out, etc.

After we got home, he showed his siblings proudly, but then almost immediately announced he was going to take it outside to let it go up in the sky.   We tried to talk him out of it, reminding him he wouldn't have it anymore.... But his responses was:

"I want it to go up to Mr. Spiess so he can have decorations in Heaven."

And we would never argue with that.  He let his balloon go, watched it as far as he could see, and was happy with his decision.

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