Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Top 10 Things That Were Not So Bad About Having the Flu on Christmas Eve

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, this family was a mass of pathetic-ness.  I was on Day 3 of the Flu, having rarely left my bed for the duration.  (I don't think I've ever been sick like that before -- only the time I had an extreme case of mastitis.)

 Colsen and Miles were on Day 2 of the Flu.  Most of the time they were in relatively good spirits, but occasionally, such as when ibuprofen suddenly wore off, they would burst into tears and wails about aches and pains, and then drop down spontaneously on the floor and fall asleep.

Strider, having had the worst of it last week, was just a Constant Coughing Machine.  And not the casual kind of cough, either.

Pete, despite being the only member of the family to actually get a flu shot, still got a touch of the virus.  He was upright, caring for the rest of us, but was pretty congested and unhappy.

Rayna alone seems to have side-stepped this flu... which is a huge answer to prayer (Thank you, God!), since she is the one who has had such bad reactions to fevers in the past.  We're praying she continues to stay fever-free.  She was a sweet nurse to us through it all.

This morning, though, Christmas Day, we are all doing MUCH better!  It's a Christmas Miracle!

Last night around 1 am I woke up and changed my shirt yet again, having drenched it with sweat... and then realized I suddenly felt completely different than I had when I went to bed.  I could breathe without awful, painful coughing.  I could stand up straight.  I didn't feel like I might pass out as I walked.  The fever was gone.

When we all got up we were greeted with laughter and happy voices -- and still some coughs -- but no one was miserable.  This, of course, has put me in a very thankful mood, so here is my list of:

 Top 10 Things That Were Not So Bad About Having Influenza A on Christmas Eve

1. At least it wasn't the stomach bug

2. Waking up healthy on Christmas Day has never been so appreciated.

3. We had carolers/viola-ist come to sing to us last night, which made me cry.  Of course everything was making me cry yesterday.  Even the Johanson's Christmas letter which was written by their cat, for crying out loud.  Yes, I had a high fever.

4. We've had a few friends reach out with sincere offers to come bring us food or get us what we need.  I've been amazed by these offers;  who has time to do extra things like that on Christmas??

5. At least we were home, and not traveling, this Christmas, and so did not expose our large extended families to our pathetic germiness.

6. We get to spread out the merriment for the next week or so.  Our Christmas brunch with our neighbors was postponed until the weekend, and we're hoping to see some of the Wray family over New Year's.

7. Being reminded again what a prince my husband is.  He has been cooking, administering elderberry syrup and garlic, rubbing essential oils on feet, doing the last-minute wrapping, bringing water, planning special things, etc., etc.  We are all blessed by him!  (Meanwhile, I was upstairs reading a book about a monastery in the 1300's -- and they were using elderberry syrup and essential oils to combat ailments then, too!)

8. Rayna didn't get it!

9. When one is feeling miserable, it is much easier to say, "Come, Lord Jesus!"  So Advent was more real to us in that way.

10.  Being in the midst of darkness, the Light is that much brighter.  Yes, this world will continue to have darkness and suffering for now, but the LIGHT has come, and that has made all the difference!

So yes, we are all disappointed that this Christmas didn't go as we planned, and we didn't get to the fun Christmas Eve or Christmas Day extended family activities, but we know this Christmas did go as God planned it, and there is grace for us, even in the midst of the Flu.

(Taken on one of our healthier days)

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