Monday, December 9, 2013

Non-occasion cousin time

It seems like we often only get together with cousins when there's a big event or holiday.  So we've been thankful for some extra times lately to hang out just for fun!

Keiko, Sammy, and Sophie are in town for awhile (while John is in Afghanistan), so we're enjoying getting to see them. They came over for dinner on Saturday and our kids loved playing with them.  Miles, in particular, was fascinated with having a little girl in the house.  He wanted to carry her everywhere... and she graciously went along with it.

 Then on Sunday, Ava and Branson came over for a few hours.  I suspect I have a reputation of being rather healthy and strict, so to combat this perception I made sure to feed them plenty of sugar.  (And I even let my own kids have junk food, too!)

Playing "Ticket to Ride"
We got glimpses of Sage, Kai, Addie and Lincoln at church yesterday (and saw Ellie briefly last night) and this week we have plans to see the Clarks as well, so in the span of a month (including Franksgiving) my kids will have seen 19 of their 21 cousins!

And I very much enjoy being an aunt!

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