Sunday, April 13, 2014

Growing... in self-awareness?

The little guys here continue to make us chuckle with what they say... especially when it gives us glimpses into how they perceive themselves.

For example, Pete and this conversation with Miles recently:

Miles:  I'm sooooo cold!
Pete:  Miles, stop whining.  You're tough.
Miles:  I'm not tough!  I'm only smart!

Then, our pastor came over to talk to Pete about something and Miles walked into the room.  They had this dialogue:

Dean:  Well, hi, Miles, how are you doing?
Miles:  Fine.
Dean:  How old are you these days?
Miles:  5.
Dean:  Wow -- you're becoming quite an old man.
Miles:  No.  I'm becoming a cute man.

Colsen, meanwhile, has been letting us in on some of his strategies for coping.  He told me recently,

"One thing I do when I need attention is I whine.  Another thing I do when I need attention is pretend I’m really hurt."

Good to know.

We can only pray that they are continuing to grow in wisdom, with hearts that will be humble before God.  It was fun today to see them singing during the Palm Sunday celebration at church.  They're getting to be little men  -- smart, cute, and attention-seeking!

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