Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What kind of pack does God have?

These boys have been super consumed with building muscle lately.  Any time anyone mentions anything about working out, weights, muscles, or "guns," the shirts get instantly whipped off and suddenly they're posing like this:

They're very concerned about their "packs," too -- do they have a 4-pack or a 2-pack or please-tell-me-I-have-a-6-pack.  They like to do my Fitness Blender workouts, and Miles will often ask, "Will this upper my pack??"

But I realized the obsession had taken an odd turn when Miles drew a picture of God yesterday -- -and he had 6 neat rectangles drawn across his middle.  "He has a six-pack," Miles said -- "Or actually, a seven-pack."

p.s. Strider is usually right in the middle of it all, comparing his muscles, too, but declined to be photographed today.  Rayna, too, is quick to show off her arms.... but also is quick to break into dance.  :)

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