Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scenes from Easter

On Facebook everyone is posting pictures of their lovely, dressed-up children today.  Here is the picture I got of my lovely, dressed-up children:

But bad photos aside, we had a great day celebrating our Risen Savior!  Here are some of the other pictures:

Pete brought home a traditional Easter "bread" from Moldova...
so the kids were thrilled that they got to have eggs and CAKE for breakfast!

Easter baskets were found and enjoyed in inverse proportion to age

Cousins were found outside Mor-Mor's apartment

... and more pictures were taken, despite the howls of the dads
("Didn't we JUST take pictures recently??")
We took over Mor-Mor's dining room.
The place ain't never seen the likes of us before!

Poppa tried to figure out how he was going to get the whole table
 to sit still and listen to his Life Lessons (not really)

Karin showed Mor-Mor something fascinating on her phone.

After we ate, everyone played outside until the requisite
number of children were crying from injuries or lack of naps.

James knocked over a bench so Miles helped him right it.
(or vice versa)

More fun grandchildren pictures.  Miles loved it.

At the Dreschers' house afterwards,
Ava organized an egg hunt for the kids!

James was all charged up and insisted he would win!  (He didn't)

I tried on some way-too-big skates.
And did NOT break my neck.

So, it was a good Easter.

I guess there's no such thing as a BAD Easter.  It's the best news ever that our King is ALIVE and His Spirit is with us!  "He has opened paradise!"

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