Monday, April 28, 2014

I KNEW he was one of the best arguers in the Southeast!

Strider participated in the final tournament for his debate league this year in Fayetteville this past weekend.... and he and his partner came in third!  All that hard work -- years and years of daily, impromptu arguments -- has paid off.

I'm not sure which he loved more -- getting rewarded for arguing well, or his time with Nonna and Poppa.  They graciously agreed to take him to this tournament, and they spoiled him like crazy.  He loved it and didn't want to come home.  One of the first things he said upon walking in the door was, "Why couldn't we have stayed one more night?"  Another one was, "I'm going to do debate again next year because I hope Nonna and Poppa will take me to another tournament!"

So, although we were sad to miss watching him, we're very thankful he had such a great experience.

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