Friday, April 25, 2014

Why I love my husband (well, one of the reasons)

An out-of-town friend asked people to pray because he knew of a young woman who was contemplating an abortion. I emailed our friend and told him that, if comfortable, he could tell the young woman that we would love to adopt her baby.  He wrote back, after conferring with the guidance counselor, and said we could write a letter to the woman if we wanted to, giving specifics about our family, etc. 

At this point I called Pete at work, when he had 5 minutes until his next class started and told him all this.

His response?  “Well, this is kind of big, Amy.”  Then without more than a second’s pause, he added, “But yes, if it means saving a baby’s life, go ahead and send the letter.”

I love being married to a man whose first response is compassion and has a desire to enlarge his family!


  1. Wow--Amen! I can't wait to hear the outcome! We know of a childless couple desperately waiting to adopt, so if there needs to be a plan B, let me know.

    1. Catrin, I mentioned that in my letter -- that there are MANY families who would love to adopt, so if she didn't like the look of our family, she could know there are still many other good options. :) I haven't heard anything back yet... Will let you know if I do.

    2. Sounds good! And, I just looked at the photo of Strider at his debate competition and recognized the other boy as someone we used to go to church with. Small world!