Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The difference 10 years makes

Exactly 10 years ago (tomorrow) we visited some beautiful tulip gardens in Concord with Mor-Mor.  Now that she is in town, we decided to go again.  Unfortunately, we couldn't get through the gate because they were closed (a few of the boys went over the gate but they were quickly reprimanded), so we took some photos from the outside.  I wanted to re-create a few from 10 years ago.  Here are the results:

 What a difference 10 years makes -- only for the kids, of course.  And maybe not so much for Ellie, above.  :)

 (In the second photo, Ellie, who was at school, is replaced by Hannah, who is exactly 10 years younger.  So they are the exact same age in these pictures -- only 2 days apart).

We took a couple other shots...

These guys were cracking us up - -already comparing their "guns"

 ... and then moved on to a different park, where we spent a very lovely Monday morning!  Cousin time and great-grandmother time is always awesome.

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