Sunday, November 8, 2015


This super sweet and incredible boy is now 9!  He made it so much fun to celebrate.  Everything was SO exciting and he was SO grateful for each of his gifts and adventures!  Would that we could all be like a 9-year-old boy!

Since it was a school day we attempted some learning in the morning, but around 10:30 we heard that there was a huge bald eagle sighting right around the corner from us so we jumped in the car (it was raining) and drove around looking for it.  Even though we never saw it, Colsen still thought it was so awesome that it was somewhere around.

Then he begged to go to Wise Acres, our local organic strawberry and pumpkin farm.  Kathy and Robb were so happy that he wanted to come there on his birthday (and in the rain!) that they loaded us up with all kinds of good things -- organic pumpkins, squash, kale, lettuce -- and then free smoothies for the kids!  Love that place.

He got a few calls from extended family, and after talking to one batch of cousins he sighed happily, "I feel so RICH with all these people calling me!"

In the afternoon, the real adventures began.  Pete took Cole and Milo all the way to Fayetteville as a special surprise, where Strider was playing his championship football game that night.  They got to stay in a hotel --with a POOL-- and they even went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner.    BIG hit.

The next day they enjoyed the hotel a little longer and then went to a parade for veterans before heading home.  Colsen says it was a GREAT birthday trip!

Incidentally, I wonder if this is the last year he'll still be able to walk on the top of his toes like this...

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