Friday, November 6, 2015

Random thought

If I owned a radio station, and if I had no real sense of morality, I would tell the people reading the weather to sometimes give a more positive forecast than what might really be expected.  For instance, if the whole week's forecast looked to be cold and rainy, I would tell them to say that tomorrow is actually supposed to be sunny and a few degrees warmer.  (I wouldn't inflate the forecast all the time because listeners would eventually realize we were always wrong.)

Giving people a little extra hope and optimism about the coming day seems like it could have good benefits.  After a few months, I would survey our listeners to see if they're generally happier people than the average population, having just that little extra glimmer of hope of positive weather coming.

Then, if we were a listener-supported station, I would see if giving to our station goes up.  Is there a correlation between happier listeners and greater giving to the station??

I know, I know.  Everyone would still get depressed looking at the apps on their phones that give the more realistic/pessimistic weather outlook...  Darn phones.

So maybe I need to back up here... If I owned a radio station, and if I had no real sense of morality, I would hire someone to write a scrambler for all phone weather apps so that no one could get their weather forecast from their phones, and then they had to listen to the radio to get it....

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