Sunday, November 22, 2015

Strider's football season

I'm a little late in wrapping this up, but the 10-month football season is now over!  (They start workouts again in January... yay for the 2-month break.  :)  )

Strider played for the Carolina Pride this year, a varsity team that competed against various private school and homeschool teams around NC and SC.  The season was interrupted by a few cancellations -- both because of strong storms and other teams forfeiting, but they finished well, coming in 2nd in their league.  Strider played safety.

For his last event, they had an inter-squad scrimmage and we had a good time cheering on #16.

Going out as a captain for this game

Got a little photobombed here

Too fast for the camera!
And here's the fan club!

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