Thursday, November 19, 2015

Adoption Update, Part 4 of 4

I thought for sure Pete would think walking away from our current adoption agency after we had paid them all that money was ludicrous,  BUT, to my great happiness, when I presented the choice to Pete, his response was, “It’s only money.”  

He agreed we should pursue her now, even if it meant walking away from that sizeable “investment.”  (Have I mentioned what a wonderful man I am married to???)  This was yet another sign to me that God was in all of this!

Meanwhile, I was also trying to get her file reviewed by an international adoption specialist doctor.  Our agency recommended three doctors, one of whom was in Charlotte, so I called her (although I had never heard of her).  I left a message with the receptionist, and then waited and waited and waited for her to call me back.

Finally after 24 hours I called back – and discovered the receptionist had never given the doctor the message.

This time the doctor called me back within 10 minutes!  She was wonderful.  So helpful and willing to do what we needed. In that first phone call she even gave me her cell phone number and her home email address, telling me to contact her anytime!  And, as a bonus, she knows a lot about orthopedics, which is exactly what we needed.

After she had had a chance to review the little girl’s file, she called me and we talked for awhile.  She was VERY positive and enthusiastic about his girl would be a good fit for our family!  This was so encouraging to hear.  I hung up after our long conversation and felt the Lord was confirming to us again that we were on the right path – another sign.

I happened to be at Classical Conversations with the kids that morning when the doctor called, and I had just, an hour earlier, met a mom of one of the kids in Rayna’s class.  She had adopted two kids from Russia so we were talking all about that.  After I hung up with the doctor I told this woman that was who I had been talking to, and said, “It’s Dr. Walker.” Have you ever heard of her?

“Oh yes!” she said, “She’s our pediatrician!”  She went on to explain that even though they lived in Waxhaw, they continued to go to Dr. Walker in uptown Charlotte because they loved and respected her that much!  WHAT WERE THE CHANCES OF THAT???  Another sign from God!

So, if you’re keeping track, here are the “signs” we felt God had given us so far:

1. Showing us a girl named Rayna

2. Having her file reappear, after weeks of being missing, on the very list of our home study agency’s partner agency

3. The fact that neither Pete nor I were hesitant to walk away from the large amount of money we had already paid another agency

4. Very positive report from the doctor
                A. Finding that the woman sitting next to me actually knew and loved Dr. Walker
                                1. Running into that woman again the next day in the Wesley Chapel Target (I guess this isn’t really an adoption “sign” but I loved the coincidence anyway!

I was becoming more and more confident that this was the girl we were to pursue.

We still weren't sure, though, if we could be matched with her.  More waiting to hear from the agency...

Finally, on Friday, we got confirmation that this girl was officially being “held” for us while we began yet more paperwork to switch agencies and apply all over again.  This was the best news I had had all month – all year??

The first thing I did after I hung up from that phone call was go dig out this notebook.

Back in early 2006 Pete and I had started the proceedings to adopt a girl from China and I had bought this notebook to record our journey, and prayers for her along the way.  (I have a similar notebook for each of my other kids.)  But, I had only gotten 2 pages in before we discovered I was pregnant and the adoption would have to be put on hold.

Now, almost a full decade later I could dig it out with the hope that there now a little girl in China that would soon be coming home!

On the 2nd page I found this Scripture passage written:  Psalm 107:1-3

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever.
Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story—
    those he redeemed from the hand of the foe,
 those he gathered from the lands,
    from east and west, from north and south.

I love the stories the Lord writes!  Only He could tie this all together so perfectly.  Way back in November of 2005 I was sad because a baby I had miscarried months before would have been due that month.  Now exactly 10 years later He is giving us hope that our family may be expanding again!  He keeps His promises…. Even when we have to wait sometimes.

So that brings us up to today.  We are rapidly filling out paperwork to apply to be matched to this little girl.  We’ll see what the next part of the journey brings!


  1. I'm so grateful...this is so awesome.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! And thanks for going through the emotions with me. :)

  2. Beautiful! It is amazing to see how God loves so specifically and beautifully! The Fischers are praying for each step. All glory to God!!!!!!!

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