Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Cole and Milo continue to be best friends, and I love watching and hearing them.  Recently they took me out in the backyard and showed me their new trails they made in the woods.  They chattered away like crazy, talking over each other in their excitement...  Here are some of the snippets:

"Colsen is the worker and I am the owner."
"Now THIS trail has a lot of historical significance.  Let me tell you about it."
"This log is called the Bridge of Expectation."
"Miles, can I be the boss now and YOU be the worker?" ("No.")

At night now that it's colder, Miles always wants to crawl in Colsen's bed.  Colsen puts up with it most of the time, although sometimes gets frustrated with Miles just takes over the whole space.  We often find them like this:

I wonder how long this will go on.  I hope their close friendship lasts forever!

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