Wednesday, December 7, 2016

St. Nicholas Day

This year's celebration included all of the fun elements -- giving, "caning," and STOCKINGS.

Well, almost all of the fun elements.... We had plans to have a couple of other families over for dinner, but had to cancel when Strider got sick.  (He made a very swift recovery, but we wanted to be cautious and not share the germs.)

Still, we had a fun couple of days...  The women in our church baked a bunch of chocolate chip cookies, and Colsen, Rayna, and Miles had the fun task of assembling them into care packages for the college students that attend our church.  They start their final exams today so we wanted to get the cookies to them as an encouragement and energy boost!
Look at all these cookies!

 I decided to make it a Poplar Streams holiday -- no school at all!  The kids spent most of the day playing with their loot from the stockings. At one point I found a tab open on my computer where someone had been looking for videos of "Yoyo eksperts," so at least one of the gifts is getting a lot of use.

Strider, meanwhile, got out of his sickbed to announce that he had a major paper due the next day (which he had not started)-- as well as a final exam for his college course, and a quiz in Spanish.  Oh-- and he had to work for 5 hours of the day.  So, for Strider it was not a holiday.

After dinner, the gang went out to candy cane a couple homes... and my sd card was not in my camera so I have no pictures at all.  :(

So now, once again, our Santa celebrations are over, and we move on to celebrating the birth of the Christ child!

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