Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Church Christmas Program

This year the children at church did another good job putting on a little pageant for us after a potluck dinner.  Once again Colsen reprised his role as King Herod (third year in a row!), and once again, garnered laughter and applause with his dramatic portrayal of the king's anger-- and death.

Miles had his debut this year as a character with lines.  (He was so excited.... "Last year I was just a little kid; I had to just be an animal!")  It was very fitting that he played the role of Caesar Augustus, and he sounded very authoritative when he told everyone to go their hometowns to be counted.

Cousin Kai was one of Herod's bodyguards, and Colsen seemed to take a little too much delight in pushing and pulling his guards around.  Next year may bring some repayment...

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