Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dogwood Park Milestones

I wonder how long I'll measure Jinna's progress by visits to the park....

On her first visit to Dogwood Park, she was cheerful and happy -- and probably utterly confused, bewildered, and in some senses, oblivious.  It was her very first morning here in the United States, and after half a night's sleep, we introduced her to 7 new family members, and then we all traipsed over to the park for a walk.  She loved having her siblings follow her around.

On her second visit to Dogwood Park, she refused to walk.  She had been home for about 2 weeks and we had just dropped off the boys at Chess Club, and she and Rayna and I went to the park for some exercise.  Only, Jinna didn't want to exercise.  She didn't want to be there at all.  She threw herself down on the ground and whined.

On her third visit to Dogwood Park, a couple of weeks later, she squealed with delight as she got out of the car, recognizing the place, and wanted to walk all around the trails.  She knew some English words by this point, and liked playing the "Fast, fast, fast, slow, slow" game.

I'm not sure which visit number we're up to now, but yesterday we took the girls to the park again, while the boys were gone, and Jinna again was very excited to be there.  As we started down one of the paths, she spotted a bench and said, "Everybody sit down!"  Over the last few weeks she's been using more English sentences, but they're usually ones she hears others repeat as a whole -- "Stop touching it!"  "What's the matter?"  etc.  This was one of the first times that she constructed her own sentence.

It's so fun watching her grow and learn and experience things... Can't wait to see what happens during future park visits.  (We're going back this afternoon.  :) )

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