Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve Parties

Subsets of our family attend not one, not two, but three different NYE parties-- and I got absolutely no pictures to document them.

Strider is attending the Campus Outreach New Year's Conference in Washington, DC with some friends this year, and according to the glimpses we get on Instagram and the quick little calls and texts,it sounds like he's having a great time.

The rest of us were invited to an Ohio State party with our former neighbors in the early evening, and a get-together with our new neighbors in the later hours.  We thought this was a perfect way to spend New Year's Eve -- the first half with our neighbors from the first half of 2016, and the second half with our neighbors from the second half of 2016!

Meanwhile, Colsen and Miles had the very earnest goal of finally staying up until midnight on NYE.  They INSISTED that they really must do this this year, so Pete and I complied.  We came home from our second party to find Colsen still wide awake but Miles crashed on the couch.  :)  Maybe next year, little guy.

Speaking of crashing....

For years now Miles has been crawling into Colsen's bed with him because he doesn't like sleeping alone. (Occasionally he'll try to come into our bed still, but he gets carried right back to his own bed.) Recently Colsen has finally become less than welcoming to his little buddy because inevitably Miles will take over Colsen's pillow and push him to the small corner of his own bed.

The other night Pete went in to check on the girls, and look who he found there:

I showed Miles this picture later and he says he doesn't even remember going into her room!  (This is quite plausible as he is our resident sleep-walker.)

I wonder how long she'll put up with this...

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