Sunday, January 8, 2017


Our Epiphany celebration looked much different than previous years' this year, thanks to a ski trip and a snow "storm."

We had intended to postpone our celebration by a day (since the boys would be skiing), and had invited some friends over for dinner.  But then all of the 1/2 inch of snow came through, and all plans for the weekend were cancelled.  :(

But we still chalked the door -- first time on Ivy Hill Lane! -- and enjoyed Mrs. Garrett's fudgy chocolate cake, as well as a leisurely weekend of games and fires in the fireplace.

Oh, and there was some sledding!  Jinna Rai's first time.  She was excited at first...   but after awhile decided she didn't like being cold, muddy, and wet!

 The boys were so good with her, pushing her around on a wakeboard wherever she wanted to go.  :)

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