Saturday, January 7, 2017

Harrowing ski trip

Well, maybe not harrowing for those attending (Pete, Strider, Miles, Colsen, James, and the Drescher kids)... but I'm sure feeling a little scared after the fact, just hearing the stories!

"There was so much blowing snow all day that I could NOT even SEE going down the mountain!  So I just had to keep closing my eyes and hope that I didn't hit anything!"  (Soon after realizing this was happening, Pete bought goggles for everyone.)

"I couldn't get the bar down on the ski lift thing, so I just had to ride it without the bar down a couple times."

"We had to drive reeeaaally slowly coming down the mountain.  The car driving in front of us went to fast and it went into a ditch!"

But of course, this was the quote that summed it all up:
"It was really miserable cold, but we weren't miserable!  It was so great!!"

That notwithstanding, I'm sure glad that Rayna, Jinna, and I stayed back and enjoyed time with Nonna, Poppa, and Mor-Mor instead.  It was much warmer, and much less dangerous.

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