Friday, January 13, 2017

One of "those" school days

Me:  Alright, guys, so a couple days ago we read about the First Punic War, which was fought between Rome and Carthage, right?  So, who won that war?

*blank stares*

Me:  Miles, do you know?  Who won the First Punic War?

Miles:  America?

Me:  Miles!  America wasn't fighting in that war!

Miles:  Then why are we even studying this???!!

Me:  *blank stare*

Me:  Ok, Colsen, do YOU know?

Colsen:  Oh, I think it was that guy... King David?  No, wait, who was that king that had that great teacher?

Me:  You mean Alexander the Great?

Colsen:  Yeah -- him!

Me:  No, he died.  GUYS.  Remember what I JUST said??  The First Punic War was fought between Rome and Carthage!  Who won?  PICK ONE OF THOSE GROUPS I JUST SAID!

Colsen: Ummm... Rome???

I finally picked myself up off the floor enough to begin reading the new history section for today about the Second Punic War, wondering the whole time why I even bother.

Part way through, Miles ask, "So who are we rooting for here?  I think I pick Carthage!"

History lessons are failing on all kinds of levels here....

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  1. Tell them they just need to answer "Jesus" to every question - this is what the kids in our sunday school do :)
    Now is the time for you to be reading to them (or ME to be reading to them) "Puck of Pook's Hill" by Robert Lousi Stevenson - it takes all that history period and teaches it to the kids in an amazing way...