Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jinna Rai's quilt

SO many people donated so much to help us bring Jinna Rai home -- and we're so grateful to now have a tangible object that represents just how loved she is.

My mom took all the fabric squares that we wrote people's names on and made them into a quilt (talented woman that she is)!  Just before Christmas she brought it to Jinna -- who loved it.  She wanted to be wrapped right up in it!

Every night Jinna sleeps with it on her bed, and even though she can't quite understand what all the names represent yet, she does seem to understand that she is very loved.  We can't wait to explain it all to her -- and for her to get to know every name on that quilt.

 We're so grateful for how God orchestrated her whole story, and for all the people who loved her and us so well, helping to bring her to a home where she can grow with a family AND an amazing community.

My prayer all along has been that God would send us a child who would truly flourish and thrive in our home, and at this point I would confidently say that He has answered our prayer.  Watching her laugh and squeal and learn and embrace her siblings and delight in all kinds of new things has been confirmation to us.

THANK YOU to our wonderful friends and family!!!

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