Saturday, January 28, 2017

So good to see

A lot of really good things have already come out of our time with Jinna Rai, blessings we could never have foreseen.

But one of my favorite things has been watching Miles.  Before we met Jinna Rai, Miles was the most skeptical of our bunch, not sure at all if this adoption would be a good thing.  In fact, he was downright against it sometimes.

Ever since she came home, though, he has found her fascinating.  He loves to be around her, to teach her, and to help her.  Occasionally his "teaching" takes more of the form of "tough love," as he tries to explain what is fair or what our rules are, but for the most part, he is very good to her.

I love seeing how gentle he is, and how quick he is to rush to help her when she needs something.  The boys often argue over who gets to be her "first responder."
When she was sad, he tried to make her something quickly.
It's funny watching our former Emperor of the house now become a servant.  A new Empress has arrived and he is actually (usually) ok with giving her the throne.

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  1. former Emperor now becoming a servant...O, the Lord is good, Amy, so good...