Friday, October 12, 2007

Bulk foods + Poor memory = Interesting dinner

A few weeks ago I decided to stock up on some good, healthy food at our local Earth Fare store.  Since Colsen is eating more and more regular food, I thought I should branch out a little, and also get him some organic items.  So I bought several types of things from their bulk food section... including a few different grain items.

Well, yesterday afternoon I realized I had a little extra time so decided to make a good healthy dinner for the family.  I made some homemade chicken nuggets (with whole wheat bread for the crumbs- - thanks for the recipe, Mor-Mor!) and then decided to make some brown rice to go with them.  I went to the pantry and grabbed one of the bulk food bags that I had been avoiding for the past few weeks.  I was pretty sure it was short grain brown rice, but I couldn't remember exactly.  But I figured that if it was some weird grain like millet or something -- did I buy some of that or not? -- if I cooked it long enough in water, it should be fine.  And I decided to make a double batch, so I could freeze some for future Colsen meals.

The nuggets were happily baking away, and around the time the rice should have been done, I took the lid off the pot to check it:  it looked very weird.  Was this just because I was using a bigger, different pot since I was making a double-batch?  Why was there still so much water in there?  Did I measure wrong?  I decided maybe I should break down and buy a rice cooker.... although I really don't want to add yet another appliance to my very full kitchen!  Oh well... I would just cook it longer and eventually the water would all get absorbed.

And it did!  So pretty soon I had my healthy meal all ready to eat.   I put a mound of this rice stuff on each plate, thinking it didn't look very appetizing.  But I figured with butter and salt and pepper, anything would taste ok.  So we sat down to eat, and as Strider took a bite of the "rice" he said, "Mom, this tastes like oatmeal!"   And suddenly the light bulb went off in my head (why couldn't it have turned on a couple hours earlier??)....  I had bought bulk steel-cut organic oatmeal at Earth Fare!  So that's what was in that bag!  And that's what we were eating with butter and salt and pepper.  Good ol' chicken nuggets and oatmeal.

Needless to say, the kids had a lot of giggles over their interesting dinner.  (And Strider petitioned hard to get brown sugar put on his... to no avail)  And needless to say, we are freezing the rest to give to Colsen since he won't care.

  My poor, poor memory.  And my poor family!


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