Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trying out some new words

Strider and Rayna are, of course, always adding to their vocabulary.  But the occasions in which they use their new words experimentally are always funny.  Here are some examples from this past week.


Strider was doing his math work downstairs and he yelled up to me, "Five times 13 is 85, right?" 

"No, it isn't," I yelled back. 

"I know," he said.  "I was being sarcastic."  [Hmmm... not quite right.]


Rayna was apparently trying to work "hilarious" into her conversation last week.  One morning we were driving and we saw a big truck that had about 20 wheels on it.  We were commenting on how big it was, and she said, "That truck is hilarious."  [Sorry, sweetie, not quite right.]

Then later that afternoon, I was talking to her and I said, "Rayna, you are so pretty.  God made you such a beautiful girl."  She said, "That's hilarious."  [Still not right.]


A couple months ago I was trying to teach Strider that he doesn't always have to take things so literally all the time.  (He's at that stage.)  Well, last week Pete was reading a verse to him and trying to explain more about what the word "repent" means.  He got up and was demonstrating by walking one direction, and then turning around and going the other way.  Strider said, "Daa-ad, you're being figurative!"  [DING DING DING!  We finally got one right!]


Meanwhile, Rayna has pulled an old "word" out of the archives.... She and Strider make up words periodically and some of them stick.  This one is "jengalous," -- she used to say it a long time ago, and apparently it's back now.  It's definitely an adjective, and is usually used in the form of "You're so jengalous," but Pete and I have yet to really hone in on the exact definition. Strider and Rayna seem to know exactly what they're saying, though, and they think it's hilarious


Colsen's one new "word" at this point is "eh      eh       eH        EH       EH,"  said progressively louder and louder.  And the translation is "I am currently about half-way up the long staircase.  Can someone please come get me before I fall on my head?"   He has been very consistent in trying to teach us this word, and even though we are slow learners in many ways, we have finally caught on.  He's very proud of us.


So while his vocabulary is still quite limited, he is working hard on his walking.  Here's some footage from yesterday:



There's always someone learning something new around here!  One of the great joys of parenting.  :)




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