Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Yesterday morning we woke up excited for.... the neighborhood Bike Parade and Contest!  (I'm not sure who gets into this more-- me or the kids)
 So, we started to get ready....

 .... and after spending probably too much time on the effort, we were ready!

 We rode up to the community center (and on the way, Rayna yelled out to every neighbor she saw, "I'm the holiday girl!").  Soon the parade got started...
 Off we went!
 I had thought we had gone a little over the top.... but found out we were rather under-matched after all!  There were some pretty spectacularly decorated bikes and wagons.  (See above)

 Afterwards we all gathered at the park, where the winners were announced.... and we got 3rd place for Milo's trailer!  Very exciting.

We stayed for the community picnic and once again it was a cool old-fashion-y type of ceremony/party.  We said the pledge, sang "God Bless America," honored some people, prayed, and ate our $2 lunches.  Fun time to be with neighbors!

Then last night we had a little party of our own, with some friends from church, our next-door neighbors, and my parents.  None of them knew each other, but since everyone was either from NY or OH, it turned out there was plenty to talk about. :)  We also had a water-balloon toss to get everyone warmed up (cooled off?).

 We ended the day with good food, good conversations and amazing fireworks right on our street.  A great celebration of Freedom!

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