Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My fairy godmother?

There are no shortage of mysteries around this house. 

We always have cases to solve like There is new writing on the wall:  Whodunit? or  What is the substance that is in the soap pump dispenser because it doesn't seem like soap?  Some mysteries get to be re-solved every day -- like The case of the missing scissors or Where in the world is Miles?

Just today some of our mysteries included:

Who cut up a bunch of little pieces of paper and left them here on the floor?
Why does the roasting pan rack have a bunch of Jenga blocks on it?
How did the fence post end up where the slide ladder was supposed to be?

Aren't we lucky -- it's like playing the game of Clue everyday!

Lately, though, we've also had some rather pleasant mysteries to solve.  Last week I went into the bathroom and noticed that the trash can was empty -- with a new bag insert put in.  I had just seen that it was quite full the day before.... but Pete hadn't been home to empty it.  I know I'm starting to lose my mental faculties, but I was pretty sure I hadn't take the trash out...  Very mysterious.

As it turned out, Rayna had noticed it needed to be done, and took it upon herself to do it!

Another time, I came upstairs to find several piles of folded clean placemats and towels fresh out of the dryer  -- but I was quite sure I hadn't asked anyone to do that!

Again... upon inquiry we learned that Rayna had seen they needed to be done, and had just done it.

She has reached a stage of wanting to help, pretty much all day long.  She's my little shadow, trying to anticipate my every need, and the needs of the family.  Sometimes she guesses correctly and performs the deeds well... and sometimes she gets close, but not exactly right and/or helpful.

The other day I walked into the kitchen and found all kinds of tiny little shavings of carrot.  Rayna later admitted she had wanted to peel some carrots for us -- and had gotten the little baby carrots out of the fridge, found a peeler, and shaved them right up.

This morning Strider came downstairs upon waking up and found the refrigerator wide open for who knows how long (on one of the hottest days of the summer!) with the juice perched on the counter.  Guess Who had helped her little brothers get something to drink?

But despite the occasional mishaps, she generally is becoming quite helpful with housework.  (This gene must have come from Pete's mom... it certainly was not contributed by me.)  I love how she's always thinking about what is the next thing to be done. 

Many years ago she dressed up like this:
and little did I know that she would grow to become my own little Fairy Godmother helping me out when I'm not looking!

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