Sunday, September 16, 2012

Colsen takes me out for a special afternoon

Awhile back Colsen started talking about how he wanted to go on a "date" with me again, remembering it had been a long time since our Chick Fil-A date.  I told him I would love to, too, but it was the man's job to ask the woman to go out.  He responded, "Ok, then I'm going to ask you soon, but not right now because, you know, that would be... you know."

So the next day he formally asked me if I would go out with him, and we agreed on a good date/time.  Then for the ensuing 5 days, about 80% of his conversation revolved around where exactly we would go.  The options, as we quickly discovered, were just about endless.

After the 47th round of, "Should we get a milkshake at ___ or ice cream at ___ or fast food at ___?" I began to suspect that the chance to have special food was really at the heart of his desire to go on a date.  To confirm this I asked him what he was most looking forward to.  He immediately responded, "Spending time with you!"  

The other aspect that he was quite concerned with was what we should each wear on the date.  One evening as I was getting ready to go to work, he came in and looked at me all dressed up and said, "Now THAT is what I want you to wear on our date!"  He also asked me if he should wear his "wedding clothes," but I assured him that "church clothes" would be sufficient.

The big day finally arrived, and he took himself off to his room, closed the door, and told me not to look at him while he was getting ready.  When he emerged, he was all decked out, and had even combed his hair.  He seemed pleased that I was wearing a skirt and jewelry, so we were proclaimed ready to go.

He asked me for my keys and then ran out to the car to open the door for me!  As he climbed in the backseat afterwards he bemoaned the fact that he couldn't yet drive, like the man is supposed to.

 Throughout our time together he kept saying things like, "I'm remembering ALL the things I'm supposed to do on a date, right Mom?"  and "Isn't this a good date?"  Every time there was a decision to make, he would defer to me saying "whatever you want!"
We went to Dairy Queen, since he had been very curious about this place having only been once as a baby, and ordered mini blizzards.  My little gentleman paid for both with all of his hard-earned money (which amounted to a very heavy pocket full of quarters).  Coincidentally, the DQ was right next to a Backyard Wildlife store, so he was quite excited to go there afterwards and check out all the bird-feeders and other bird things.

Then we went to Harris Teeter to get a bunch of things.  He was very happy to go along for this part, since he doesn't get to do that often, but he did say as we were driving there, "Let's just say the date is over now, ok, Mom?  Because, you know, Harris Teeter isn't really a date place."

I loved spending time with my little guy, and especially enjoyed our conversations.  While we ate our ice cream I told him he was going to make a very good husband someday.  He had a huge grin on his face, so I asked him, "What kind of wife do you think you might marry someday?"

"One just like YOU!" he answered.
"Really?" I asked.
"Well, what kinds are there?  Are there "kinds" of wives?"
"Oh, well, I just wondered if there were certain kinds of things you would want your wife to be," I told him. "Like, do you want one who can cook a lot, or likes to travel, or is athletic or...."
"Yes!  I want one who likes to travel and is playful -- see, just like you!  And best of all, you're a great cook," he answered.

Seriously, this boy just melts me.  Five years old is a great age!


  1. Oh my gracious! I love this post! I can just "see" your little guy going out on a date with you and being so proud to be the "man." My son is 15 now, and he will soon be driving, but I remember clearly when he was just 5 and loved to bring me pretty flowers (weeds!) from the yard to show how much he loved me. I'm thankful that we still have a good relationship. And you reminded me that it's probably time for him to take me on a "date" too. Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. my heart is melting. is it too early to steer miss libby his way? :)

  3. I love this! And, when I saw Colsen on Sunday I mentioned that I knew he took you on a date. His face LIT UP!! He said it was a good date. :-)