Monday, June 16, 2014

Convo's with Milo

Miles:  Finally! I know a job I can do when I grow up!
Me:  What do you mean?  There are lots of jobs you could do.  I could see you being a doctor or a teacher or a missionary – oooh, or how about a pastor?  I could see you doing that.
Miles:  Nope.  I’m gonna be a cockroach-scarer.


Me:  Miles, you really need to stop sucking your thumb.  You're going into kindergarten soon and kindergarteners don't suck their thumbs.
Miles (sucking his thumb stubbornly, having perfected the art of talking around it):  I want to be famous.  I want to be the only kindergartener who still sucks his thumb.


Miles (as he's roller-blading down the sidewalk):  Mom, I gotta question for you.   What are we walking on?  It's a "Duh" word.
Me:  A "Da" word?
Miles:  A "Duh" word -- like "Duh, everyone knows that!"  The answer is cement!


Miles:  Hey Mom, you should tell ME "Happy Father's Day" today.  Because someday I'm going to be a man.
Me:  Do you realize that when you have kids, that will make me a grandmother?
Miles:  Yeah, you'll be like 156 when I'm 85.  Actually, that means you'll be dead.  [Pause]  Hey -do you still celebrate birthdays in Heaven?

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