Saturday, June 7, 2014

Moments to remember

.... Hearing the little boys wrestling on the ground and then it turning into a hug as one of them pauses and says, "I love you."  And the other responds, "I love you, too."

.... Going clothes shopping with my teenager

... Telling Colsen to pack some activities or books for his upcoming 2-week trip and coming back to find that he has set out these:
"That's all I need," he says

... Spontaneous date nights (comprised of Sonic and Lowes trips) with my husband because the kids can stay on their own usually now!

... Strider working hard and passing a very important placement test

... Rayna organizing tea parties on the patio for her brothers:

She tolerates it when they come without shirts on

But it's better with shirts -- and a bag of chips.

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