Saturday, May 31, 2014

My little man

I rarely take my kids to the doctor for "well check" visits because:

a.) I get told they're fine
b.) I get told they're short
c.) I already knew both of those things
d.) They'll probably pick up some dread disease in the waiting room.

Nevertheless this year I knew we were probably due for some shots or something (we were -- everyone was well behind the typical schedule) and Strider needed a form filled out, so we've been riding our bikes back and forth to the doctor's office in our little town center for each of the kids' appointments. 

 The last appointment was for the last-born, and I was dreading it a bit because the last time he had to get shots he freaked out a bit.  Actually, the last time any needle came near him was when we were in Moldova and he had to get blood drawn -- and he freaked out about that, too.  

As he climbed up on the big doctor exam table -- which he didn't remember ever seeing before-- guess it's been a rather long time since we were in a doctor's office with him -- I thought about how big he suddenly seemed.  Then the doctor started asking about kindergarten forms, and I realized just how big he is!  He's almost in kindergarten -- how did that happen??

But then my little man showed me just how big and tough he's getting.  The nurse came in to give him 2 shots and I thought Miles would get upset.  Instead, he just nodded and essentially said, "bring it on."  The nurse told me to hold him so he wouldn't squirm, but Miles told me he didn't me to do that and I should go sit down.  As the nurse stuck him, he didn't even grimace.  Then she prepared to do the second one, and he didn't resist at all.  I saw him clench him muscles a little bit when the second one went in, but he didn't let any emotion show on his face at all.  What a difference since the last time!   He didn't want me to fuss over him or make a big deal about it... he just wanted to be strong and nonchalant.

I wished I'd had a camera (one of these days I'm going to get a real, actual smartphone!) to record his face in that office.  And I wished I'd had one handy when we rode home and he jumped off his bike in the front yard to proudly show his brothers his 2 band-aids.

I got my camera out later:

I don't know how this happened.... how I went from a house full of babyness to suddenly having my baby act like a little man and be ready for kindergarten.

At least, as the doctor once again reminded me, he's quite short, so he'll be little for awhile anyway.

Still.  I've spent the last several days perusing adoption web sites.  :)

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