Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day festivities

Just downloaded these pictures from Memorial Day....  Clearly the zany bubbles (made by Ms. Jo!) were the big hit!

 Our Life group came over and we played between our yard and our next-door neighbors, Wayne and Jo's.  After dinner we all played some rousing rounds of Hide-and-Seek around the houses/yards.

In between the bubbles and the running around like banshees, we did the more boring stuff - -like eat:

Miles always enjoys time with his best friend, Mr. Wayne

 Earlier in the day we attended an outdoor ceremony here in our neighborhood.  There were members of all the branches of the armed forces, some patriotic songs, a really good key-note speaker, and of course, a focus on the flag.  At the end, one of the neighborhood pastors prayed and I found myself very thankful that my kids are able to grow up in a community that honors our soldiers and Jesus.

It was a good Memorial Day!

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