Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Galore

It is now an annual tradition on Mother's Day for my grandmother to take out all the mothers in the family.  So we gathered again at Brio with all the lovely ladies -- and my dad and uncle, too.

Mor-Mor with 2/3 of her "kids"
There are some good genes in my family...
they kick in for me at some point

 I felt very spoiled.... and the spoiling did not end there.  Pete was so thoughtful that he made a breakfast casserole the night before because he knew he'd be gone in the early morning doing set-up at church.  Then when I got home this afternoon, he had made an AMAZING pound cake --and a perfect little dinner for us.  My favorite kind of Sunday dinner -- snacky foods.

Doing some important negotiating about dessert
 The kids all made me very sweet cards and bought/made me perfect gifts.

After dinner we played a family soccer game, which was loud and fun.  I am so thankful for this crew!

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