Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Negative Space"

Last year, while everyone else was choosing profound and lovely one-word goals for the year, like "simplify" or "cherish," I chose to live by the awkward phrase, "Don't focus on the negative space."

I have always struggled with focusing on what I'm NOT doing or don't have, but have found that it's only gotten worse as I've become a parent and now a homeschooler.  For example...
“…It usually plays itself out as I’m humming along with our well-researched and thoroughly-analyzed curriculum and extra-curricular classes, and then I have a conversation with another homeschooler who has been taking her kids to fencing classes and now they’re excelling so much that they’re going on a trip to Europe to compete in medieval fencing tournaments, and they’ll probably get full college scholarships because who actually knows how to fence these days?  And all I can think is, ‘WHY ARE MY KIDS NOT TAKING FENCING CLASSES??’”
This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for the SimpleHomeschool web site this past week.

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