Friday, May 9, 2014

Field Trip(s) Friday

Our family ventured out on two different field trips this week.... of slightly different natures.

The younger kids and I met some friends at Reed Gold Mine, which was very cool.

 The kids got to explore underground tunnels, try to find any gold left behind by the miners, realize how far below ground they were (as I tried not to panic), and climb around the old shafts.

Then we came aboveground and they climbed around anything else they could find.... and I tried to keep them away from large open holes in the ground.

 We also got to see the big stamp machine in action -- very LOUD -- as it crushed the rocks and either used water or turned them into water or something.... I missed that part.

We had no idea this fascinating place was only 30 minutes from us -- and free!  We will likely head back soon.

Meanwhile, the oldest child was off on his own "field trip" with friends -- and it was NOT free.  A very kind family invited him to Carowinds, his first experience there.

He loooooooved it.  Supposedly it was some sort of "Education Day" there, but I'm pretty sure it mostly just a "Ride A Bunch of Roller Coasters" (like normal) day.

I'm pretty glad I wasn't there to witness him on some of these rides (he's up there somewhere in this last picture!).

He grew and learned some important things that day, though, so I'm thankful for that!  He, of course, can't wait to go back.

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